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Mental health

World Mental Health Day: Mental Health For All—Let’s Make It a Reality

The pandemic has impacted us all in different ways. Even though we feel as though we may be “coming out the other side” some groups are feeling the impact on their mental health. Groups particularly hard hit include:

  • Health and other frontline workers
  • Students
  • People living alone
  • People with pre-existing mental health conditions

“It is extremely concerning that, despite the evident and increasing need for mental health services, which has become even more acute during the COVID-19 pandemic, good intentions are not being met with investment,”

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization

The problems*

The gap between demand for mental health services and supply remains substantial.

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Relatively few people around the world have access to quality mental health services.

The serious gaps that still exist in mental health care are a result of chronic under-investment over many decades in mental health promotion, prevention and care.

Stigma, discrimination and misunderstanding of people with mental health conditions remain widespread.

Some solutions

We can all play our part in spreading understanding by sharing information.

Care for each other by talking about mental health and taboo subjects such as suicide.

Appropriate training for caregivers and health professionals and regular health checks for people with long term mental health conditions have been proven to improve quality of life and prevent premature death.

People with lived experience can get involved in the development of any new policies and services. This is particularly important for marginalised communities or people who have accessibility needs.

Ensure legislation (e.g. in the UK, the Equality Act 2010) to protect the rights of people with long term conditions is upheld.

Hold onto hope, even when times are hard, when caring for loved ones or when feeling terribly alone, there are organisations out there, such as the World Health Organisation and many charitable organisations such as Mind working fearlessly to ensure a better future for the mental health of the world. This year, Mind are asking us to #DoOneThing this year: Use this link to download their resources and share on social media.

Remember there’s No Health Without Mental Health.

*data from World Health Organisation

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