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Things that bring me joy

I wrote a post a little while ago about things that get under my skin so I thought it about time to write about the random things in life that do just the opposite and put a great big grin on my face!

  • Thursdays – this is the day I see my husband after he’s been working away since Monday.
  • Rainbows – when sunshine hits rain in just the right way you get the most brilliant light and the most beautiful rainbow, bliss! It probably sounds cheesy but I love knowing that even if it’s raining where I am, if I can see a rainbow, it’s sunny somewhere.
  • My work station set up with my purple laptop and next to it, my purple notebook, purple pen, purple refillable pencil and my purple highlighter – purple just induces a lovely feeling inside me so what more need I say?
  • Lindt chocolate – maybe not everyone’s bag but (at the moment) it’s my favourite! Malteasers are a close second!
  • A great pair of slippers – cold feet are just horrible so my slippers are my friends! I have a cute pair of burgundy Toms – check them out, for every pair purchased, they give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.
  • A good sort out and throw away – I love taking a bag of stuff to a charity shop. I don’t like clutter and I feel like I’m cleansing my house!
  • Cats – sorry, crazy cat lady here, I’m sure many of my readers are dog people, you’re welcome here too! Whenever I’m feeling down, cat therapy just does wonders! Videos of any baby animal will do to tell the truth!
  • Listening to someone’s story – how often do we have time and space to really listen to each other? It’s a real privilege when someone trusts you with their story, true connection happens in these moments.
  • Knitting – when I have time, this can become a bit of an obsession! I love that I can produce something handmade for someone and it’s practical and well as (hopefully) beautiful.
  • A long exhilarating run – when I was marathon training, I loved the long runs that got me out into the countryside, just me and the road, no judgment, nothing else mattered. I’ve also discovered yoga recently, I’m very new to it so I don’t do anything complicated but it’s giving me space to breathe, it’s helping with my chronic pain and I’m really enjoying it.
  • Meeting with God – this can happen anywhere! I love the community I experience in church but I find God in nature and in quiet times at home.
  • Ticking things off a list – it’s just so satisfying!
  • Making music – from playing piano on my own to playing with a symphony orchestra is an absolute joy to express myself through music making. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to play instruments since I was a little girl and have all sorts of experiences playing with other people. At the moment I have the joy of playing in church with a great bunch and also with Hampshire saxophone orchestra Saxophony.
  • Laughing long into the night with my husband – I love those nights where time doesn’t matter and connecting emotionally is everything. (It doesn’t happen often – I need my sleep!!)
  • Seeing other people happy – whether it’s a young couple in love or a toddler giggling as they jump in puddles, another human’s happiness brings joy to my heart.
  • When the windscreen wipers are on double speed – I have no idea why, since before I can remember, this makes me giggle! Strange but true!

We’re all different, please share below the things that make you happy!

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