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10 reasons why Rio 2016 is so great!

  1. The Olympic torch passed by Eloenas refugee camp near Athens where a resident of the camp carried the torch as part of the relay. Inclusion at its best.
  2. 206 athletes are being provided with free sports kit. The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry are ensuring “no athlete shall be left behind when it comes to being equipped with the latest state-of-the-art competition apparel.”
  3. Opening ceremony (with half the budget of London 2012) themes were peace and sustainability, ultimately, the only themes that will enable our world to continue existing. The cauldron, designed to be small and environmentally friendly was still beautiful using a stunning sculpture to amplify the light.
  4. 10 althletes form the first Team Refugee Olympic Athletes. They represent the 65 million displaced individuals across the world. They will compete under the Olympic flag and if they win a gold medal the Olympic anthem will be played. 
  5. The mascot has 2 eyes…why did London 2012 mascot only have 1 eye? Very glad for the return of the 2 eyed mascot! It’s a cross between a cat and a monkey but can also fly and stretch its limbs, what more would you want from a mascot?! 
  6. Beach volleyball is being held on an actual beach, on one of the most iconic beaches, Copacabana!
  7. Rugby 7s is a new sport, bringing together the skill of rugby with extra speed makes it an exciting spectacle. Golf is also returning to the games after 112 year absence.
  8. Brazil is the home of samba and carnival,  this creates a party, fun atmosphere. Tom Daley has said it’s less serious than London, making it even more enjoyable to be part of it. The Olympians are there to entertain us but we want them to have fun don’t we?! 
  9. 70,000 volunteers will be replicating the essential contribution of the games makers of London 2012.
  10. Christ The Redeemer statue is overseeing the whole thing, it couldn’t get any better than that! 
Christ the Redeemer Brazil

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