Welcome to my new website!

You may or may not have noticed but you’ve been re-directed to mindfulsurvivor.co.uk – this is my new home.

Same writer, same theme, more of the same great (hopefully) blogs!

The tech bit – if you try and go to my old WordPress site it does not exist and you will be redirected here – you can continue going via the wordpress redirect but it would be best to come direct to mindfulsurvivor.co.uk and delete other links from your bookmarks etc.

Thanks to my hubby I’m now ‘self-hosting’ which gives me (him) greater flexibility to make my website do what I want!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all my WordPress followers, there are quite a lot of you now, from all over there world! Because of some clever internetty stuff I don’t understand, you will continue getting notifications as before but if you’d like to take advantage of my new subscription service, you’re more than welcome…

You can now subscribe to my Newsletter! I’m excited, I hope you are!

There is no pressure to sign up but I highly recommend it – I will send out links to my latest blogs or mini series so you’ll never miss anything and you might even get a bit of extra, behind the scenes, info from my life as a mental health writer and trainee counsellor. There’s a box at the bottom of each blog, just enter your details and I’ll do the rest!

The legal bit – now I’ve given you the opportunity to sign up to a newsletter and contact me I’ve also got a privacy policy available here, incase you want to know what I do and don’t do with your data.

So in some ways lots has changed, in others, nothing! What I want is for my blog to reach more people and for you to be able to get in contact more easily. I’m just as passionate as ever about spreading the good news that mental health recovery, as hard as it is, is worth it! Let me know if there’s any topic in particular you’d like me to cover this year!

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