New jewellery shop open!

Exciting news!

As a present, my husband sent me on a silver clay jewellery making course a couple of years ago. I fell in love with the craft and have enjoyed it as a hobby ever since. I’ve been making pieces for family and friends and they’ve been well received so a few months ago I decided to open up an online shop; today this has come to fruition! Click here to be taken straight to it!

In its raw state silver clay is composed of silver, wood pulp and water. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted; during the drying process the water evaporates and during firing, the wood pulp is burnt off. The pieces are then polished to a beautiful shine.

Each piece is individually handmade and therefore unique. So far, on the website, you will see pendants and charms, I’ve paired the pendants with a suitable length and style chain and the charms come with a link.

Ideal Christmas presents!

You’ll see a variety of styles, from natural leaf imprints to geometric shapes, I think they’ll be something for everyone. I’m happy to take commissions so do contact me to discuss this further.

Do come back as I will add more item regularly!

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